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It's no secret that Spanish Cuentos is known for its illustrated, easy-to-read, and culture-infused novels. Illustrated novels help language learners find the meaning of unknown words, making the reading less stressful and much more pleasant. Members will receive access to the latest color versions!


Bring the outside world to students, introducing different cultures, new places and ideas. The Audio-Visual elements of video empower a range of learning styles. Through our membership, educators will have access to videos not accessible to the public.


Even the most stubborn learner cannot resist the charms of music. We are expanding our music library as an educational tool for our members.

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Loveable Characters

These are our stories, and the voices from our heart. These are our cultures, our rhythms, and our art.
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culture through stories created by Latin American artists
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I can't imagine my classroom library without books from Spanish Cuentos. These are some of the first books that my novice learners read. They are comprehensible, humorous, and culturally rich. Just this past year, I was amazed to hear students use vocabulary from "El Ratón Pablito" and "Papacito" as they were laughing and having a good time in class and around the campus. Craig's work is a treasure and a must have for every Spanish teacher's classroom.

Alina Filipescu

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