¡Aquí hablamos español!

So I’m finally done with my last project this summer and now I’m ready to focus on school once again.

By now you should know that I am fascinated by maps.  I love maps!   I’ve been wanting to have this map for a long time! Yes, I could’ve purchased one but I couldn’t find one that was completely in Spanish. Believe me, I tried! Many of the “mapas” I found had some names written in English and one even spelled my home country wrong.  It’s Colombia not Columbia!  Look, I am usually not very picky but for some reason having English in a Spanish map bothered me a little. I just can’t have a map in Spanish with spellings such as “Galapago Islands” or “Belarus” and many others.  I had to fix it, and in order to do that, I had to create my own. I managed to recycle many items from my previous map  and that saved me some time but the hours I spent on this project are too many to count.


The !Aquí hablamos español! map is very detailed and although it shows every country in the world, it highlights all the areas of the world where the majority of the population speaks Spanish.  It also has a table with all the flags and capitals of each Spanish speaking country.   I’m printing one for my school tomorrow! I will soon have some available for anyone that’s interested.





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