Spanish Storytelling

When you are a foreign language teacher, there is nothing better than watching your students produce meaningful language. After months of comprehensible input in the target language (which for me is Spanish), students began asking me if I would ever allow them to write their own stories. When students start wanting to produce language you know that you’re on the right path.

personajes PANTALLAZOI was on my first year of teaching and I started focusing mainly on high frequency structures instead of vocabulary lists and grammar. After winter break my students were writing very creative stories and as the year progressed these stories became more and more complex.  It didn’t take long before students didn’t want to write about the girl and the cat anymore and they were constantly asking me for more complex characters such as “the hairy monster”…”the alien” or “the flying man”.   I realized that I needed a list of classic characters with some kind of visual to ignite creativity. It was then when I sat down with my notebook and pencil and started designing my next poster. I finally got it done with the help of many creative minds and Wow! Let me tell you, it has been an absolute success!

Seriously, if you want to encourage writing in the target language and ignite creativity tho poster belongs in your classro
om. These characters open students’ mind to magic and possibility but most importantly, they will have fun and improve their Spanish skills.

French and English versions are also available.


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