Manage Class Content Access

By splitting your group into classes, you can manage what content included in your membership that each class has access to. This helps you keep students on track, or let some classes study ahead!

To manage the content a class has access to, first navigate to the Group Management screen. Then, expand the section called “Classes”.

Tip: If you haven’t created any Classes, you won’t see anything useful here. Create a Class first!

Each class you’ve created will be listed with a link to “Manage Content Access”. Click that link.

From here, you’ll see a full collection of the content available with your membership at Spanish Cuentos. By default, each class has access to all the content your membership includes. But from this screen, you can start disabling certain content for the class you’re managing.

Tip: Free content on Spanish Cuentos is available to everyone, and can’t be managed from this screen. It will only include membership-only content that you can access.

A green checkmark on a piece of content means that content is currently enabled for this class. Every item will have a green checkmark the first time you visit this screen, since all content is enabled by default.

But by clicking on the green checkmark for an item, you can disable that content for students assigned to this class. When students log in, they’ll only see the content you’ve made available.

Once you’ve enabled or disabled content appropriately, click Save to finish.

You can come back to this screen and change content access as often as necessary!

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