Signing Up for Students

If your teacher is using Spanish Cuentos, you’ve come to the right place! Follow along to learn how to get started using Spanish Cuentos.

First, click here to visit the “Join a Class” page. You can also find a link to this page in the top-right corner of any page on the website.

In the Join a Class form, enter your first name, last initial, and a password. Make sure your password is something only you know and that you’ll remember later.

Your teacher should also provide two codes: Your teacher code, and your class code. If you aren’t sure what these are, ask your teacher for help.

Logging in Later

If you’ve already followed the steps above to create an account, the next time you need to log in, it’s very simple!

First, click the “Login” button in the top right corner of the Spanish Cuentos website, or follow this link.

Then click “Student Login”:

On the student login page, you should enter your first name, last initial, the password you set, and your teacher code. This will allow you to log in and explore all the content available to you from Spanish Cuentos!

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