96 Finger Puppets Bundle



Finger Puppets for those of us who love to teach languages through storytelling. Instead of teaching vocabulary in sets…. give life to the words and make them characters.

These puppets are simple and especially suited to a classroom setting. Make several finger puppets, then tell a story or put on a play that features them.

Print, cut, fold, glue/tape, and tell a story.

This PDF includes a set of 8 paper finger puppets.

You will need:
Firm paper
Glue or tape
Craft Knife (if you want a perfectly cut out puppet)

Print it:
Any paper can be used but we recommend printing on firm paper for best results.

These finger puppets are very simple to put together for most children. My 1st-5th graders assemble them without much assistance. Younger children may require some help. The puppets require folding, cutting and gluing.

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