Biblioburro Paper Craft



This product includes two printable paper models of Luis Soriano and his Biblioburro. One for coloring and the other with full color. It also includes information on books and links that focus on Biblioburro.

Students love to learn about this magnificent library through books like Waiting for Biblioburro or Peter va a Colombia… and later coloring and building the paper craft.

Biblioburro is the story of a library like no other. Since the late 90′s, Luis Soriano, a Colombian primary school teacher has been packing up a tiny library onto the back of his two donkeys and taking it to villages where books are simply not available. Soriano and his two donkeys Alfa and Beto (“Alfabeto” get it?) travel for hours to share these books to anyone who wants to read or borrow them, especially poor children in the Colombian countryside. Soriano allows children to borrow books but also spends time with them helping with homework and other school related activities. It is not an easy task for Soriano; he often deals with extreme weather and dangerous wild animals, but even worse, bandits and other armed groups. Soriano puts his life in danger everyday. During one of his long trips he was injured and was unable to seek medical attention on time and one of his legs was amputated. In spite of all this, Soriano and his library on hooves continues to carry an inspirational message about education and a brighter future for Colombia and the world. His extraordinary effort has attracted worldwide attention.

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