El ratón Pablito – Teacher’s Guide (Print version)



What to expect from this guide:

Ideas for how to introduce each chapter of the novel.

A list of target structure vocabulary, possible new words, and cognates for each chapter.

Ideas and talking points when reading the chapters to your students or drawing the stories on the board.

Guides and tips to acting out each chapter with your students.

Three comprehension worksheets for each chapter with answer sheets.

Possible extension activities for each chapter.

Recommendations: These plans have been tested with students in grades 2-7 but can be used with students as young as 1st grade and as old as high school at the teacher’s discretion. Please preview all video recommendations before showing to your students. Chapters can be taught in different order or in isolation for any reason. A membership with Spanish Cuentos will help optimize this resource, but it is not required.