La piñata de Renata Teacher’s Guide – Download



Downloadable Item 

What to Expect from this Guide:

  • ACTFL Guidelines 
  • Ideas on how to get the most out of the reading experience
  • Pre-Teaching the Novel: Activities/Ideas
  • Kid-Friendly Goals
  • Repetitions of vocabulary / structures 
  • Lists of target structures and ways to use them (Pre-teach, repeat for acquisition, etc.) 
  • Tons of Activities explained! 
  • Supplementals for each episode: 
    • Vocabulary Lists  
    • Projectable Word Clouds 
    • An activity for each episode 
    • Graphics from each chapter 
  • A ready-to-use Canva Presentations
    • Anytime you see : There is a presentation waiting to be used!
  • Bulletin Board Option
  • Supplemental Readings
  • Biblioteca: Efectos de Sonido
  • Assessing Skills (Reading, Listening, Writing, Speaking)

231 pages